Nutrigenomics is the study of how food influences your gene expression. In other words, your food communicates with your DNA.  You are born with certain DNA markers that can be “switched” on or off by the way you live your life and the environment you live in. We used to think that we were “stuck” with our gene’s. We now know that many factors can contribute to how our DNA expresses itself and we may have more control over our health then once believed.

This theory has been confirmed by the multiple twin studies where one twin will get a certain disease and the other will not. Twins are born with the same DNA, but environment, food and how they live their life can greatly effect how their bodies respond.

Epigenetics is referred to the “switches” on the surface of our gene’s. This break through in science has lead to further study on how our food communicates with our genes. It has lead to the recognition that food isn’t simply “calories” or “energy” but can actually be our medicine or poison depending on your genetic make-up.

Other things that can communicate with our gene’s “switches” include stress level, activity level and toxic load.  This theory may lead to more natural corrective measures for disease and illness.  The thought that you don’t have to live with an illness and stuck medicating the symptoms is exciting and promising for the future generations.  It may lead to better disease management and even cure disease.  It also helps to support the idea that every person is unique and healthcare should be patient centered instead of “group” centered. You may no longer be clumped into a cholesterol group, or diabetes group, or MS group, because each cause of disease may be completely different even though the symptoms are similar.

One persons medicine can be another persons poison.  If you are diagnosed with a disease, please ask WHY? Try to find the cause of your imbalance. You might be surprised to learn that there is a way to correct it and prevent further illness.