Are You Toxic?

Toxins are everywhere!!  You can find them in our soil, water, air, and food. Our bodies have the ability to naturally filter and eliminate toxins from our bodies.  We detoxify external toxins as well as internal toxins, such as hormones and bacterial byproducts. The problem today is that we are over loading our bodies with too many toxins and living unhealthy lifestyles that compound the problem.

Our food is meant to nourish and heal our bodies, but we are bombarded with food coloring, additives, preservatives, hormones, pesticides, conditioners, etc that actually do more harm than good.  

It is now known that approximately 30% of the population has genetic defects making it difficult to detoxify. This population is even more sensitive to toxic overload and are at high risk for multiple diseases related but not limited to bone, heart, cognition and neurological health, hormone imbalances, and autoimmune diseases.

Eliminating Toxins

The first step is to limit and avoid toxins in the first place.  Our body has many systems that work together which require that we live a healthy lifestyle of exercise, stress management, and proper food intake every day!  The first line of defense in eliminating toxins from our bodies is to promote a healthy digestive system, starting with the intestinal tract.  A poor lifestyle, poor eating habits, psychological stress,  food allergies or intolerances, and use of medications can aggravate the intestinal wall leaving it inflamed and permeable. Toxins normally pass through the intestines and metabolize and filter through the liver for excretion.  

In an unhealthy intestine, the toxins may lead to over production of unhealthy bacteria.  The unhealthy bacteria can overcome the healthy bacteria leading to high amounts of toxic byproducts.  The toxic byproducts can lead to further inflammation and  literally “leak” through the intestinal wall in amounts that can overload the liver. This leads to the breakdown or “back up” of the liver causing it to function poorly.  A poorly functioning liver will not be able to filter  toxins appropriately, causing them to leak back into the blood stream and into soft tissue such as bone and fat. This can greatly impact major systems that effect the endocrine, nervous and immune systems.  

A healthy liver is able to transform the toxins into a water soluble form and send them to the kidney for excretion in the form of urine.  This is another reason why regular bowel movements are important. Stool also contains toxins and need to be released regularly. Ultimately, the goal is to limit and avoid overloading the liver as well as maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

Side Effects of Toxicity

There are many side effects to being toxic including rashes, skin disorders, migraines, headaches, depression, feeling tired, autoimmune diseases (osteoporosis), food sensitivities and allergies, hormone imbalances (PCOS), inability to lose weight (fat), bloating, intestinal disorders (IBS), etc.  The list goes on.

You can decrease or eliminate these symptoms.  Take steps to help heal your intestinal tract and liver.  Detox more efficiently by changing your diet, drinking plenty of filtered water, adding regular exercise and practicing good stress management. If you are a genetically poor detoxer, supplementation may be necessary to correct poor DNA signalling and restore proper detoxification processes.  Methylation testing is now being explored to determine under or over methylators. The use of methylated B vitamins along with other synergistic nutrients can greatly improve your health and reduce your disease risk.  To find out more about methylation and genetic variations, take advantage of our free 15 minute initial consultation.

You just need to know where to start. Eat Well and Beyond can help.  We also have medical foods through Metagenics along with other natural products that are proven to aid in the process. Food planning and recipes are available. Stop pain, illness and disease. Schedule your free 15 minute initial consultation TODAY!