Deep Belly Breathing

Meditation, Yoga, and Prayer have proven to decrease stress and improve a sense of peace and well being. These are all “practices”. Practice requires focus and dedication. All of these practices require that you to put your fears, worries, frustrations, and all other personal feelings aside and focus on the “self” or inner spirit.  These practices will require stillness and quiet.  Eat Well and Beyond encourage wellness practices that involve time for the self and self-reflection.

Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of illness and disease. Stress increases cortisol and insulin hormones which contribute to diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, gut dysbiosis,  hormone imbalances, low immune function and much more. Regular wellness practices that involves deep belly breathing and gentle release of tension can greatly reduce stress hormones as well as stimulate detoxification.

Many complain about not having enough time to exercise or find time to themselves. There is hope.  Eat Well and Beyond help you set goals around stress management.  You will discover how you can incorporate stress management tools into your busy schedules.  We will provide you with tools and recommendation while supporting your individual preferences.

It is not our health that gets in the way of our life, but our life that gets in the way of our health. Living a healthy life is a conscious effort. Try some techniques at home or in your office.  Here is a simple video to get you started.