Cardiovascular Disease is  linked to INFLAMMATION!!!  What is causing your inflammation?

Triglyceride to HDL ratio along with insulin levels are more indicative of disease risk than cholesterol levels alone. Inflammation is measured by homocysteine levels and C-reactive protein enzymes. It is important to ask for these screening test if your doctor has indicated you have elevated lipids. An HDL above 60 is considered an inverse risk factor, but extremely elevated HDL can be an indicator of an autoimmune disease.

One must look at how the body is functioning as a whole rather than select biomarkers alone. Remember, it’s not your cholesterol that is the problem, it’s your inflammation. Many factors can contribute to inflammation, such as high levels of processed foods and sugars, alcohol, toxins and toxic byproducts, hormone imbalances, poor detoxification ability, poor genetic signalling, poor lifestyle choices, etc.  Would you like to know how to correct your inflammation and disease?

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