Corporate Wellness

Eat Well and Beyond are always looking for ways to reach out to help improve the health of the community. I, Heather Taylor, have the privilege of working with other holistic wellness health professionals every day!  Together we make a great team for wellness fairs, presentations, education, and wellness programs at your job!

Topics and Ideas:

Biggest Loser Contest: lose the fat not just the weight. (include pre and post bioimpedience analysis for employees). This is one of the favorites.

Presentations: Gluten Free, Toxicity-Disease Connection, Food Allergies,  Gut-Brain Connection, Super Market Strategies, Real World Eating, What Is Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome, Exercise For Life, and much more!! Presentations can be tailored to your audience needs.

Screenings: Bioimpedence Analysis, Stuctural Analysis, Foot and Gate Analysis

Chair Massage: (For a minimal fee)