About Us

Eat Well and Beyond, LLC was established by Lifestyle Educator and Registered Dietitian Heather Taylor, RDN, LDN. Based in Manchester, NH, Heather Taylor, RDN, LDN has worked as a dietitian for over 17 years. She has experience in sport nutrition, child and adolescent nutrition, child and adult weight management, fitness and wellness.  She has spent most of her career educating and motivating individuals and families towards better health and well-being via nutrition education and counseling.  Her passion has always been about empowering people to take control of their health with the tools, training and education they need to live happier healthier lives. Her focus is in whole food eating for fat loss and weight management, improving fitness, slowing the aging process, reducing healthcare cost, and reducing the risk of disease.

Heather Taylor, RDN, LDN works closely with other leading integrative and functional practitioner’s in the area to provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care. She joins forces with chiropractic, naturopathic, physical therapy, fitness trainers, and other MD’s in order to support whole wellness in her patients. She is a proud supporter of  local integrative Endocrinologist, Margarita Ochoa -Maya, MD in the area of hormone and endocrine health.

Heather Taylor, RDN, LDN is licensed in the state of NH to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) which is accepted by most health insurance providers in NH.  She is currently contracted with Anthem BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, United Health, Cigna, and Medicare.

Eat Well and Beyond provides First Line Therapy.  FLT is a program designed to meet individual health needs and reduce risk for disease by changes in lifestyle behaviors.  Lifestyle therapy consists of goal planning, ongoing education and training, and one on one coaching in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and stress management. These are the major contributors that can lead to metabolic imbalances and ultimately poor health if not corrected.  Heather can help you toward correcting your imbalances and greatly improve your health while slowing the aging process.

Mission: to empower people to take control of their health through healthy lifestyle behaviors, knowledge and self- management in the areas of whole food nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep management, and supportive nutritional supplementation.

Eat Well and Beyond dismisses the sickness model of health and embraces the wellness model. Heather views each person as unique and with individual genetic and personal needs. One person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. There is no “one size fit’s all” therapy. She believes your therapy should be specific to your metabolic and functional needs.  The tools used to assess your needs will include stress and lifestyle assessments, health history, ongoing interviewing, lab review, and food intake assessments. (See left hand side of home page for in office consultation intake forms)

Current Locations in NH:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 9am-4pm, Tues: noon-8pm, Thurs: 9am-6pm
707 Chestnut St
Manchester, NH 03104