Precision Nutrition

Welcome to the exciting era of precision nutrition where controlling calories isn’t the primary objective.

Eating healthy doesn’t just mean taking in the right amount of fuel in comparison to our expenditure. It also has to do with WHAT kind of fuel we’re putting into our bodies.

Nutrients are required for optimal function and slowing of the aging process, so how do you know if you’re getting what you need? Through proper nutrition assessment with licensed dietitian,  Heather Taylor, RDN, LDN, you can come to understand the role of certain foods, their components and nutritional influence on healing and disease prevention.

The genome and proteome projects are shedding a lot of insight on how nutrition and our environment influence our DNA and overall susceptibility for disease and dysfunction. We’ve known for centuries that malnutrition and malnourishment inhibits child development and growth, as well as, increase the risk of disease and speed up the aging process. Disease doesn’t always discriminate according to body weight. Lifestyle, stress, and the way we eat are also important.

We are individuals.

We’ve discovered more recently that one persons food can be another persons poison. Each person is unique with individual needs. A nutrient can help restore a persons metabolic balance, whereas that same nutrient may cripple another persons ability to heal.  The body is an amazing machine with an innate ability to heal itself when given the right environment and support.

Genetic and nutrient testing is now available. They are tools in the tool box for putting the health puzzle together. We can no longer ignore bioindividuality and the importance of whole systems approach to health and wellness.

No matter where you are in your health journey, Eat Well and Beyond can help you discover the missing pieces of the puzzle, reduce reliance of medication, help you manage your weight according to your goals, support you in food and lifestyle planning, and give you the tools you need to take control of your health.

Initial consultations include:

  • Comprehensive Health and Nutrition Assessment
  • Weight and body composition measurements with the Biomarker 2000. This will include assessment of cellular integrity and body cell mass. Loss of cell mass is common in aging individuals.  This will accurately measure BMR through bioimpedience analysis.
  • Lab and Food review
  • Nutrition Education and Individualized Food Plan based on low glycemic, low toxin, whole foods. Ketogenic and Vegan diet education provided to individuals interested in alternative methods. 
  • Exercise and Stress/Sleep Management support and planning
  • Supportive Supplementation as necessary
  • Recommendations for Additional Labs including nutrient testing, food sensitivity testing, organic acid testing, genetic marker testing, etc.
  • Introduction to specialist that I find to be invaluable in the process of exploration and healing are available.